Where is my “Little Pink Pill”?

We have all seen the commercials…The Little Blue Pill. The magical pill to help men with sexual dysfunction. Why do we hear so much about sexual dysfunction for me? Where is my “LIttle Pink Pill”? Is it ok to talk about sexual health for men and not women. I call FOUL!

Wh We y should I as a female be ashamed to talk about sexual health? Do I not deserve the same sexual pleasures as a man? Why does the world just assume most women don’t like sex? I love sex and I believe most women would if they could. Most of us enjoyed it when we were young, crazy and less inhibited. I want to enjoy it now. I want to have crazy sex and multiple orgasms like I read about in “Fifty Shades of Grey”. And yes, it IS possible, but you have to make the move to make the change. We as females have to not be ashamed to ask for help or ashamed that we love sex. Sex is an amazing part of a relationship. My challenge to you is to be bold and make a change.

My change came after meeting Dr. George Ibrahim at Asheville Healthspan. After rounds of testing he came up with a plan. It is a process, but a great one. We started with a testosterone pellets. Within a week I noticed a huge difference. My energy level was up, my mood was better and I wanted to have sex. Yes, it is good and ok for women to crave sex and you can too. So many women resolve to making sex a “chore” and not a pleasure. It has changed how I feel about myself. I feel empowered. I feel like a women. I feel like the sexual being I should have been for years.

The testosterone is just the beginning of this process. I am excited for my next round of treatment. I will be getting the “O shot”. Haven’t heard of it? Me either until a few weeks ago. It is new and the reviews are astonishing.

If you are a female and you struggle with intimacy you owe it to yourself to look into this. It has changed my life.

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